The experiment in the Interactive Experimental Garden

The Interactive experimental garden is a place for experiments! We are currently testing the resistance of domestic plants on the vertical wall.

In the autumn 2017 we proceeded to seeding of three different blends of meadow plants and grasses into the vertical constructions. As a growing medium we used the layer of an absorbent construction fabric, moss and peat substrates fixed with a plastic net and attached to wooden frames. The plants were planted in a horizontal position in water tanks. The fabric could maintain continuous moisture and humidity necessary for plant seeding.

The plants sprouted within 2-3 weeks and could survive the winter covered with a white garden fabric.

In the spring we reinforced the walls with a floral foam which was used as a rooting medium as well as for maintaining the required level of humidity. The walls were mounted into a trilateral detached vertical wall. A rotating waterjet spray system is used for irrigation.

During the growing season, from the biological point of view, we evaluated the height increase of plants as well as the whole vegetation and their density. From the esthetic point of view, we were interested in the proportion of broadleaf plants and grasses, which had become predominant in the blend, as well as their colouring in bloom and a so-called flower score.

We will keep you informed about the results of the experiment!

(Acknowledgements to the sponsors of the experiment: Planta Naturalis, Markvatice u Sobotky, the Czech Republic).